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Dankon is helping teams create a healthy workplace by promoting a culture of gratitude and acknowledgment.

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🙏 Celebrate your team!

Dankon helps you promote a culture of gratitude within your team!
Let your team know how much you appreciate them!

You can get a praise started directly from the App Home or using the /dankon command in Slack.
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🙌 More than just text

Both the content and the format matter, that's why Dankon allows you to send a beautiful card to better reflect your words.
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🎨 Customizable

You can set your own colors, to better match your brand or your feelings.
The text will be automatically adjusted between white and black for an optimal readability.
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📣 Share it

In addition to sharing the praise in a Slack channel, you can share it on social media to let the whole world how awesome your team is!
Supports LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many more.
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  • Up to 25 users
  • All features included



  • Up to 50 users
  • All features included



  • Unlimited users
  • All features included

The prices are for monthly subscriptions. Please reach out to us via email for discounted yearly subscriptions.

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